Minutes, June 12, 2008

Plone Foundation Board Meeting Minutes, June 12, 2008

Present: Darci, Jon, Joel, SteveM, Geir,

Absent: Alex, Nate



Jon moved to approve May 29 minutes.

Darci seconded.

Approved unanimously





Finalize Conference Milestones

After discussion with the board and Alex Clark, we've set the following milestones that the conference team must hit, or else the PF Board will cancel the conference and terminate our contract with Reagan.  Jon will follow up with Alex.

  • 2008/06/27      $15K in sponsorship. 
  • 2008/07/11      50 paid registrations  
  • 2008/08/11      100 paid registrations 
  • 2008/09/05      66% speaker slots confirmed and announced.

Motion to approve: Darci

Second: Geir

Approved unanimously.



Plone licensing question from Marcio Bucco

Jon addressed by reiterating the freedoms of the GPL.


LinuxWorld booth

We have a booth ready to go.  David Seidband won't be available during the conference, but can continue prep if someone can man the booth. 

SteveM will get out a call for bodies to Plone-users.



Plone.org redesign

Jon: update on progress from Matt Hamilton, Mark Corum, etc.


Plone.org hosting

Jon reported on his attempts to catalyze some action from Wichert, Alan, etc., which were fairly unsuccessful.  We need a new champion on this topic if we want any changes to happen.