Minutes, July 10, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes, July 10, 2008

Present: Jon, Darci, Joel, Alex, Geir, SteveM

Absent:  Nate


Darci called the meeting to order at 12:01pm

Jon moved to approve July 3 minutes.

Darci seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Officer's Reports

Toby provided June financials via email.  All normal.



Conference 2008 Status Update (Joel + Jon)


We are going to have ~25 registrations towards our goal of 50.  Registration opened a bit later than we had anticipated (only been up for 8-9 days).

Sponsorship is coming in much stronger than expected.

Conclusion: we are pleased with progress thus far, and do not feel that the conference is at financial risk.

Joel reported that Alex may be backing down on the day rate; this is essential to appease people concerned about Yom Kippur. Joel will remind Alex that we think this is a must-do.

Sprints will be far from conference; will need to make sure that Alex communicates very clearly.  Jon: Chris Calloway should be able to handle this.  Joel is focusing on marketing sprints to first-timers.

Need to do some trade media outreach: Darci -- Esther from DocComm sprint.  Joel will email.

Joel will touch base with Alex.


Conference 2009 Process (Jon)

September 26, 2008: Proposals due (Friday, 11:59p PT)

September 30, 2008: Community discussion begins

October 7, 2008: Community voting begins

October 15, 2008: Community voting ends (this could be pushed out closer to announcement but a week would probably suffice)

October 30, 2008: Plone Conference 2009 location announced

New business

Plone 3.1.3 ships with broken portal_view_customizations. 

Alex has asked Wiggy: can we immediately roll 3.1.4 and not publicize 3.1.3?