Minutes, January 3, 2008

Board meeting minutes from January 3, 2008

Present: Jon Stahl, Darci Hanning, Steve McMahon, Nate Aune, Alex Limi (late due to equipment issues) Geir Bækholt (late due to travel)

Absent: Joel Burton


Summary of Follow-up Tasks


  • Geir to notify approved Trademark/IP committee members and add to the list.
  • Geir to notify Paul Everitt of our decision to accept Dave Powsner's offer of pro-bono represetnation.
  • Jon to follow up with Paul Everitt on the CIA/Plone.net site listing.
  • Alex to work with Jon to ID firms to offer feedback on Plone.net sponsorship plan.


Routine Housekeeping

 Darci called the meeting to order at 12:07pm EST.

Minutes from the December 13 meeting were reviewed.

Jon moved to approve.

Darci seconded.

Unanimously approved.



Officer Reports

Presdient: none

Secretary: none

Treasurer: none


Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports

Membership Committee (Darci)

All new members of the committee have been notified.  The page on Plone.org has been updated.  Darci has communicate with Hanno and Godefroid about how we'd like them to work on process moving forward.

Darci will further followup with them this week, and hopes to have new policies to bring forward for January 17th meeting for announcement by mid-February.

Steve asked: when might the board expect the next round of membership recommendations to approve?

Darci replied: no applications were in the queue before the holidays.  I will check again, and we'll process them if needed.


Trademark / IP Committee (Geir)

Per email from Geir, Darci proposed the following additional members for the trademark/IP committee:

  • Alan Runyan
  • Olivier Deckmyn
  • Dorneles Tremea
  • Thierry Benita

Darci moved to appoint

Steve seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Geir to notify them and add to the list.


Steve moved to accept Dave Powsner's offer to represent the PF pro-bono on intellectual property and trademark issues.

Nate seconded.

Unanimously approved.

Geir to notify Paul Everitt et al of this decision. 

Marketing Committee (Nate)

Nate is drafting a roadmap for discussion at the PSPS, and thinking about recruitment

Alex reported that Mark Corum has offered to assist with corporate/decisionmaker marketing work and will be attended the PSPS.

Alex, on Mark's behalf, will be sending out a request for our existing marketing materials to the wider community.


By-laws Work Group (Joel)

Joel absent.

SteveM: wanted to bounce the idea of an advisory board, with little defined function, with the goal of providing a fundraising boost with minimal time commitment. 

General approval of the idea; Steve will get in touch with Joel to drive it forward into the revisions process.


Strategic Planning Work Group (Jon/Alex)

Jon reported that agenda development is on track.

Alex reported the need to push forward with sponsorship.  We have $600 donated to date, from Cignex and Jon Stahl. 

Content Policy Work Group (Steve)

 No progress yet.


Old Business

plone.org Visual Re-design Project (Alex)

Alex has talked with Cornelis.  Has available time at the end of January.  We need to get him some visual ideas before the PSPS, then more after PSPS.  Have also connected him to Mark Corum.

This will be based on NuPlone, but will not replace it.

Brand Audit (Alex)

Already discussed within marketing committee.


Discussion on Sponsorship Plan for plone.net (Jon)

General agreement to tackle individual sponsorships in a Phase II.

Alex recommended bouncing this plan off:

  • Random choices from Plone.net (?) - reach beyond the core.
  • Alex will help Jon to identify.

Discussion next time: proposed expense budget.



Update on Zope 2 on Python 2.5 (Jon)


Darci will followup with Wiggy; will move forward in late Feb after PSPS.



New Business

  • Formalizing the use of "PloneGov" name and logo (Jon,

    see 12/13 email Subject: RE: Plone Foundation - formalizing the use of "PloneGov" name and logo)

Jon moved to approve PloneGov's use of the Plone name and logo in their marketing materials. We reserve the right to revoke this authorization with 6 months notice if we for some reason become uncomfortable with PloneGov's activities.

Alex seconded.

Unanimously approved.


  • Allocation of Plone Foundation funds to sponsor sprints (Nate, see 12/30 email Subject: Draft Agenda (Jan 3 Meeting) Published)

Background: Nate has been contacted by sprint organizers asking for advice on fundraising, esp. if the PF had money allocated to sponsor sprints. 


Answer: not currently, but Jon noted that a $10k sprint fund is part of our Plone.net "best case" budget.


We don't currently have a process for spending that money.  Nate volunteered to draft a process and criteria.  Alex commented that contributions to Plone core are important, and opportunities to engage new community participants.



  • Let Plone Foundation make a 1:1 match of donations to the Planning Summit, so $100 donated means $200 total to sponsor participant travel costs.

Jon suggested a cap of $5000.

Jon moved to authorize the Foundation to match, on 1:1 basis, funds donated to the foundation for the PSPS up to $5000, and to authorize Jon and Alex to decide how to allocate those funds to sponsor travel costs for deserving participants (process TBD).  The board will review the final list of sponsorship recipients before funds are disbursed.

Geir seconded.

Unanimously approved.


  • CIA site on Plone.net

Through Ken Wasetis, the CIA requested that their site listing be removed from Plone.net.  We removed it.



 Next meeting January 17th!