Minutes, December 11, 2008

Minutes of the Plone Foundation Board of Directors

Jon called the meeting to order at 12:05pm

Present: Jon, Steve, Matt, Geir
Absent: Darci (excused), Alex(excused), Nate (excused)
Advisory members present: Roberto

Minutes for Dec 4.
Jon moved acceptance, Matt seconded
Unanimously approved

Quick checkins


"Supported versions" policy (Steve)

Plone 2.5.5 has been marked “unsupported” in PSC. It’s not completely clear how this was decided or who has the authority to decide it.

All board members regarded it as tacit policy that we support two major versions. Not supporting 2.5 would be a change. On the other hand, we’ve also spoken of 1-year support and need to consider the lengthening of the release cycle.

What’s the definition of “support”? Security fixes for known issues if technically feasible.

Motion by Steve:

The Plone Foundation Board will accept responsibility for determining a support policy in consultation with the Plone Foundation membership. Pending that decision, we ask that the "unsupported" marker be removed from 25.

Geir seconded
Unanimously passed.

Steve will draft notice for board review.

Plone.net sponsorship plan (Jon)

Jon has soft-launched sponsorship! Logos, links, payment methods!

Aiming for announcement in time for end-of-year contributions.

Plone.org/.net hosting (Geir, Jon)

Correspondence begun, not complete.

Membership committee reboot (Darci)

In Darci’s absence, skipped.

Logo Usage Policy (Nate, Matt)

In the works, but time short lately.

Marketing Committee Reboot email discussion (Nate)

In Nate’s absence, skipped.

Trademark reregistration (Steve)

Just checking in on progress.
Geir will check with IP Committee

New Business


Adjourned 1pm.

Next Meeting:  Thurs, Jan 8th.