Minutes, April 17, 2008

Plone Foundation board meeting minutes, April 17, 2008

Minutes for Plone Foundation Board Meeting, April 17, 2008


Attending: Jon Stahl, Steve McMahon, Alexander Limi, Joel Burton
Absent: Nate, Geir, Darci

Minute taker: Steve

  • Jon called to order at 12:07, chairing with Darci absent
  • Jon moved approval and publication of the 4/3/08 and 4/10/08 minutes; Alex seconded, unanimously approved.
  • Officer reports (President, Secretary, Treasurer): None


Committee, Project Committee, and Work Group Reports


Membership Committee (Darci)

  • No report

Trademark / IP Committee (Geir)

  • No report

Marketing Committee

  • Site re-design update (Alex)
    On hold for the moment.

By-laws Work Group (Joel)

  •  Jon, Darci & Steve are meeting about this

Content Policy Work Group (Steve)

  • Steve will ask the IP committee to vet language for a checkbox for licensing;
    will bring back to board. 


Old Business


Plone Conference 2008 Planning

  • Follow-up on conference date conflict with Yom Kipur

    Discussion: It was the consensus that it would be virtually impossible to make change at this point, and possibly overstepping our authority after a membership vote and approval.
    Joel noted that there are some prospects for some ameliorating measures: there may be a day rate for the conference; itmay be able to process videos for that day first.
    Motion by Joel: the board regrets this conflict and will work to avoid conflicts with major religious holidays in the future. Seconded by Jon. Passed unanimously.
    Text for joint statement with organizers:

The Plone Conference is currently scheduled for October 8-10, 2008 in Washington, DC.  Unfortunately, after these dates were selected and announced, we learned that the conference will intersect


Kippur, which runs from sundown on October 8 through sundown on October 9th.


Kippur, the day of atonement, is the holiest of Jewish holidays, and a day that our Jewish community members spend resting, fasting, and praying with their families.

The Plone Foundation and the ZPUDC conference organizing team deeply regret this conflict.   The date of


Kippur varies each year, and it flew beneath our collective radar during the conference planning process.  Individually, and as a community, we apologize for this oversight.  It won't happen again.

  • Joel has been working with conference organizers on budget.
  • Jon and Joel will provide consulting on sprint topics.
  • Jon is working on a draft of a selection process for 2009. 

Sponsorship Plan for plone.net (Jon)

  • Jon: Ready to be kicked out
    Tech team at work; Veda helping on visual.

Sprint Kit section on plone.org (Nate)

  • Folder created and handed off to David Siedband 


New Business



  • Plone.Org Infrastructure
    We had discussed at earlier meetings the need for a project manager for this.
    Jon has had some preliminary discussions with Alan Runyon; he’ll consider taking lead on this.


Meeting adjourned 12:48pm PDT

Next scheduled meeting: May 1, 2008.