Minutes, April 10, 2008

Plone Foundation Board meeting minutes, April 10, 2008

Present: Jon, Steve, Darci, Alex, Joel, Geir

Absent: Nate




Darci called the meeting to order at 12:05pm.


New Business

Plone Conference 2008

Jon summarized the results from our survey of Plone Foundation members:

Washington DC: 37 votes

Prague: 34 votes


We discussed which location was more strategic, relative pricing of the proposals, and the opinion of the community expressed by the community. 

Steve M moved that we award Plone Conference 2008 to Washington DC

Darci seconded.

Unanimously approved, Joel Burton abstained to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Joel and Jon will serve as board liasons to the conference planning team.



  • Location: DC is more strategic
    • US Government, many other major Plone clients
    • Oldest/most active Zope/Plone user group (except for Germany)
    • Never been a Plone even on the east coast
    • Plone Conference was in Europe last year
  • Cost - DC was cheaper.  Prague would have represented a tripling of conference fees in 3 years.
  • DC won the vote -- in a close decision.
  • We will be starting the 2009 conference selection process this summer, and encourage people who are interested to start thinking now.
  • We would very much like to see a spring 2009 Plone Symposium in Europe.  Symposiums can be much smaller (~100 people) and require a lot less effort to organize.   Very reasonable for a small team. 



General agreement that we need to start much, much earlier for 2009 conference.  Jon indicated that he's been working on a revised process, that he will propose via email.

We also discussed our desire to see a 2009 Plone Symposium happen in Europe.