Minutes, Mar 13 2007

Meeting time

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Dial In and Passcode: see Call-in info page

Roll Call

Present: Nate, Paul, Andy, Francesco
Absent: Geir (Paul proxy), Sasha (Paul proxy), Alex
Observing: None

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda. Approved.
  2. Approve previous meeting . Approved.
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports


No report.


No report.


No report.


Report sent to board list.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Evaluate pending membership.

Trademark Committee

No report.


Summary of recent emails sent to membership list.

Old Action Items

  1. (Alex) Put up donation button on plone.org for the Plone Foundation. Done.

New Items

  1. (Geir) "A proposal for a sponsorship process for core Plone PLIPs" (Bounties?) Francesco suggested that we need to discuss with Geir about the PF accepting the money, administering the contracts, and absorbing risk.  Tabled until we can talk more with Geir about it.
  2. (MC) Plone Foundation member guidelines approval.  Unanimous approval for the guidelines for new members.  Regarding expired, agreed with Paul's proposal.  A policy of "Non-expired renewals are not subject to merit but expired renewals are subject to merit re-evaluation" was unanimously approved.  The decision to announce this policy for the upcoming year, but accept the current renewals for this year, was also unanimously approved.
  3. (MC) Plone Foundation Membership: handling of pending applications.  Unanimous approval for the slate of five recommended applications: Balázs Reé, Chris Calloway, Denis Mishunoff, Reinout van Rees, Toby Roberts.

Action Items

Next Meeting

None scheduled.