Minutes, June 28 2007

Meeting time

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Roll Call

Present: Andy, Paul, Alex, Sashav, Francesco.
Observing: None

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda.
  2. Approve previous meeting . .
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports






Committee Reports

Membership Committee

Trademark Committee



Old Action Items

  1. Bounties: approved that we'd have a bounty scheme that does not involve the Foundation in terms of payments or contractors. These would be processed through a 3rd party such as Fundable or Software in the Public Interest, that choice is up to the organisers. A Foundation "Bounties" team would be formed. - Closed.
  2. Licensing

- greater discussions about licensing  have to be the domain of the Membership not the Board

- Paul was going to email the Membership

    1. setting out the scope for the discussion to try and prevent a fire

    2. send an email that re-asserts the status quo we understand, that everything is under the GPL

- if the status quo is not met, try and rectify that relatively quickly

- if there is sufficient demand, engage in a discussion about how to change the licensing

New Items

  1. (Paul) Review and discuss initial email to membership for action item 2 above - general agreement on the issue.
  2. (Paul) Discuss Enfold's proposal and their position on GPL. - agreement there is nothing to vote on right now.
  3. (Paul) Discuss press release for Plone 3.0. - 4 in favor / 1 abstencion to NOT pay for it.
  4. (Paul) I have a report from Xavier about what is needed to wrap up trademarks stuff.  I will send it in a second and we should take action on it. - more work needed to fix some issues in europe and decide if we want to spend some money and go on or not. General agreement on spending the money but not sure if spend them now or wait to have more incomes.
  5. (Geir) note on Google AdWords.
  6. (Andy) Plone.org status, is there a problem? Do we need to fix it? - we agree we need to find out is there a problem somewhere or the hardware is just not sufficent. Probably nobody has time to solve the problem... but it is fixable. The board agrees to spend some money on the ram for now. Voted by everyone present.
  7. (Andy) Trademark committee, got volunteers raring to go.

Action Items

"Paul and Francesco to execute the plan to raise incomes of the PF"

Next Meeting