Minutes, Jan 11 2007

Meeting time

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Roll Call

Present: Paul, Geir, Sasha, Nate, Francesco, Andy ()
Absent: the others
Observing: none

Agenda Items

  1. Approve agenda.
  2. Approve previous meeting
  3. Officer reports.
  4. Committee reports (below).
  5. Review progress on old action items.
  6. New business.
  7. Set time for next meeting.

Officer Reports


I received the EContent 100 plaque for being selected as a winner again this year.  Nice piece in there on Plone, I believe it was handled by Melissa. I was also contacted by Jay Lyman at the 451 Group, an industry analyst.  I gave a run-down on Plone 3.0 and the state of the Plone market.  Andy and I have been discussing budget issues.

The board received an email from Wiggy about Plone 3.0 release schedule.  I couldn't tell if there was an action item, nor could I tell if the matter was resolved.  How do we feel...should the PF board have any oversight role on the release schedule and policies, or is that a church-and-state issue?


No report


No report


2006 Financials was sent to the list. The board accepts the financials.

Committee Reports

Membership Committee

The commettee hopes to wrap us membership management in february

Trademark Committee

No report

Marketing Committee

No report


After such a long period of being the ugly duckling of board reports, looks like Plone.net has become the swan. [grin] The email to the membership provides a status report and list of next steps.

Old Action Items

  1. (Paul) Get update from Xavier on the trademark contract to discuss ongoing costs.  I contacted Xavier but he hasn't finalized the amount.
  2. (Andy) Start the budget discussion and give proxy for voting on the result (if it arrives). (Done, sent December 8.)

New Business

  1. (Francesco) Xavier has contacted me to ask about the possibility of the PF protecting also the IP of the CommunesPlone project. A couple of emails have followed in the list. What is the current position of the PF. Paul said the PF should be careful into taking responsibility for other pieces of software unless that piece is strategic for Plone: in this case it should be taken into account. Seconded by Geir, Francesco, Sasha, Nate.
  2. (Paul) As mentioned on the board mailing list, Plone.net needs a policy decision regarding sort order of providers.  We will vote on two choices.  (A) Sort by rating (sponsorship), and within rating, alphabetically.  (B) The same, but each day, move the starting letter one forward. Voted (A) by the Geir, Andy, Francesco, Paul.
  3. (Limi) I want to restart the evangelism mailing list / effort that kind of died off after the marketing split. Would like to talk about next steps on this, make sure we identify some key players and I also know Nate has been very interested in this. (Deferred)
  4. (Limi) I'd like to take some steps in making it more obvious what the Foundation does. The current web site presence is a mess, and it's not easy to find the relevant information. We can do this on the mailing list too, or brainstorm after the board meeting or on a separate call. Just want to bring it up on people's radar. :) (Deferred)
  5. (Nate) Discuss forming a working group to support the use of Plone for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. I'll send an introductory email explaining what I mean by this. The board is interested and thinks it is a great initiative but the PF should not be  responsible for it.
  6. (Nate/Sasha) Discuss the Foundation's role in either sponsoring the Snow Sprint (and future sprints) and/or helping to get the word out about the opportunity to sponsor the sprint. (see action item 5)

Action Items

  • (Paul) Start the discussion about the Board Role in Plone release matters (see President report)  (Done.)
  • (Paul) forward to the board the email about Plone 3 (Done.)
  • (Nate) send a note to the ML about Marketing Commettee
  • (Francesco) report the IP policy definition to Xavier
  • (Geir) Investigate who makes the plone.org team and propose a policy the PF can vote on and make public so that expectations are set.
  • (all) discuss the budget during the next two weeks, approval is in 2 weeks during the next meeting

Next Meeting

Next week. 18 CEST.