Minutes, April 5th 2007

Roll Call

Present: Paul Everitt, Andy McKay, Geir Bækholt, Sasha Vinçic
Absent: Alexander Limi, Francesco Ciriaci, Nate Aune

New Business

  1. Bounties: approved that we'd have a bounty scheme that does not involve the Foundation in terms of payments or contractors. These would be processed through a 3rd party such as Fundable or Software in the Public Interest, that choice is up to the organisers. A Foundation "Bounties" team would be formed.
  2. Licensing

- greater discussions about licensing  have to be the domain of the Membership not the Board

- Paul was going to email the Membership

    1. setting out the scope for the discussion to try and prevent a fire

    2. send an email that re-asserts the status quo we understand, that everything is under the GPL

- if the status quo is not met, try and rectify that relatively quickly

- if there is sufficient demand, engage in a discussion about how to change the licensing