Minutes, Oct 13, 2005

Meeting time:

08:00 AM Pacific time

Roll Call Attending: Joel, Jodok, Munwar, Geoff, Alan Not attending: Limi (sick beforehand), Ben Observing: Mark, Godefroid, Paul Agenda Items 1) Approve and publish

Sep 29

minutes and

PF Member Meeting

minutes. Jodok motioned and Alan seconded. Jodok motioned for the Vienna minutes and Alan seconded. Accepted by acclaim. 2) Approve agenda. Joel motioned to accept the minutes. Alan seconded. Accepted by acclaim. 3) Officer reports. 4) Committee reports (below). 5) Old business (below). 6) New business (below). 7) Review newly-discussed action items. 8) Set time for next meeting. Officer Reports President Joel spent his time researching non-profit stuff. He also sent out the fundraising request. We now have around $1600. Joel doesn't want to keep the fundraising page after we hit the limit. Discussion about how to get a volunteer to handle fundraising in the future. Vice-President No report. Secretary As Geoff reported by email, we are up-to-date with Delaware. Also tracked down the contact as the registered agent. Called but hasn't heard back. Joel put Geoff in contact with Dan at SFLC. Dan will look things over and let us know what's next. Likely have to pay taxes and need to file 501c3. Treasurer Some money has entered via PayPayl. Around $1k. Mark paid the previous invoice for ZEA for trademark stuff, as previously approved by board. Committee Reports Membership Committee At last meeting the board approved Godefroid as membership committee chair. Godefroid gave an introduction. Joel and Paul talked about the definition of merit. Godefroid asked about the scope of work, beyond processing applications. Alan chatted about communication. Joel mentioned IRC meetings. Mark sent Godefroid a bunch of background information. Godefroid said it is his goal to get more non-technicians involved as members. Board agreed that Godefroid has the authority to establish his own system for processing and approving/rejection. IP Committee Alan said he would make a concerted effort to get more contributors signed. Joel suggested that, if the IP Committee is moribund, we close it and create a licensing committee. Trademark Committee Alex has offered to step down as trademark chair. Discussion of Andrew Hatton and volunteering for work on trademarks. Marketing Committee Brief discussion of fundraising commitee. Joel asked if Munwar would chair the fundraising committee, he said yes. Paul gave an update on his lack of progress on marketing and plone.net. Discussion Old Business 1) (Paul) Introduce Geoff and Dan at SFLC regarding our registered agent or Delaware. (Finished by Joel.) 2) (Geoff) Track down status in Delaware. (Finished.) 3) (Mark) Check status on current board insurance. Alan mentioned that CA said it is crazy insurance. Munwar said it should be around $5,600/year. 4) (Joel) Introduce Mark to non-profit specialists. (Finished by Joel, communicated to Geoff.) 5) (Alan) Ask Toby about doing the PF books and taxes. (In- progress.) 6) (Alex) Provide an update on what countries are covered on trademark. (Handled, email sent to board list with update.) 7) (Alex) Get Stefan to cut 2.1.1 in 10 days. (Handled.) 8) (Mark/Alan) Installers for 2.1.1. (Alan: In progress. Mark: Done today or tomorrow.) 9) (Paul) Ping marketing committee for site updates for 2.1 press release. (Finished by Alan.) 10) (Joel) Write letter for PayPal for donating to cover press release. (Finished, email sent.) 11) (Paul) Chair a small group for a proposal on how to structure the board and foundation. (In progress.) 12) (All) Email Paul if you are interested in the governance team. (Completed, team included Joel, Mark, Ben.) 13) (Paul) Followup w/ Marcel and Norm to say thanks. (Done). 14) (Mark) Let Godefroid know about membership cmt chair and walk him through the process. (Completed) New Business 1) (Paul) Approve "PF member meeting minutes":http:// members.plone.org/foundation/board/minutes/membermtg2005 2) (Jodok) Costs for 2.1 press-release in Europe. Joel motions that the PF make a one-time allocation up to $750, with the same stipulation that Jodok will make a best-effort to repay, same as last week's terms for the American press release. Geoff seconds. Joel: +1, Geoff: +1, Jodok: abstain, Alan: +1, Munwar: abstain. Motion passes. Action Items 1) (Alan) Identify who is needed for signing contrib agreements and start getting people to sign. 2) (Joel) Announce fundraising committee and Munwar. 3) (Paul) Give a specific action report on plone.net. 4) (Munwar) Send document to board about board insurance. 5) (Mark) OSX installer today or tomorrow. 6) (Joel) Send out thank-yous for press release and remove the PayPal link. 7) (Munwar and Paul) Draft a policy for funding international press releases. 8) (Alan and Munwar) Talk about Breakaway Communications.