Minutes, Aug 25 2005

Roll Call Attending: Joel, Geoff, Mark (proxy for Alan), Robert, Marcel, Jodok, Alex, Norm Not-attending: Christian, Alan Observing: Paul Minutes Approved minutes from previous call. Approved by acclamation. Officer Reports President Joel and Paul went to OSCON. Went well in the booth and kept our name in play. 2 Plone specific presentations, 2 BoFs, one Zope presentation. Two large companies came by with interest. Vice-President None. Secretary Tracking down the State of Delaware stuff. Marcel tracked down the correct contact in CA. Might have to file taxes if unfiled. Mark mentioned the details and that we wouldn't likely have a penalty if we had no income. Treasurer Nothing new to report. No new income, LinuxWorld expense to Joel per last meeting was paid. Committee Reports Membership Committee Geoff and Joel at the Plone Symposium went through all the pending members, approved 3 and handled the rest. Most were relatively new. IP Committee Joel will be talking about licensing at the Plone Conference. Goal is to learn more about about what are the issues and what people want. Trademark Committee Xavier said we have passed the milestone needed to do the transfer. He's back from vacation so presumably we can get the trademark specialist to hand things over. There will be some more expenses to make this happen. Marketing Committee New Orleans brought in some fresh voices and got a brochure done. Need to channel energy better. Discussion about directory.plone.org and plone.net. Joel mentioned that, if we don't get booths, we don't win awards. Mambo won because they had a booth and got a lot of public spin. Old Business None, general amnesty given for action items. New Business The first few items are highest priority, since Robert isn't available next week. We have some specific things to do related to the PF at the Plone Conf. 1) Schedule member meeting. Meeting is scheduled for the end of the day on Tuesday. We will have a short meeting of the new board after the member meeting. Mark mentioned that members must renew each year according to the bylaws. We don't have a renewal process so many of the members are in an emeritus status. Alex asked whether it matters to have emeritus status. We had a roll call to get opinions. Around half felt we should have some kind of process. Joel proposed that we send something to announce list saying people have to renew by a workflow state change or some simple process. 2) Get nominations for new board. Joel emailed the board list with some proposed dates. Handle the same as last year, people make nomination objects on plone.org for their candidacy. People vote by emailing Paul. They can revote. Have everyone vote before the membership meeting. This was accepted. Joel encouraged the current board to consider other candidates and actively encourage more participation. 3) Plan elections. 4) Proper notices and Mark's point about membership renewal. (Our bylaws require everyone to renew membership annually or go on emeritus status.) 5) Meeting scheduled for newly-elected board. Other agenda items as time is available. Let's be careful not to make this a long call. 6) (Limi) LinguaPlone donation to PF. PSol wants to transfer LinguaPlone to the foundation and have the contributor agreement cover it, etc. Alex will get the LinguaPlone devs to sign a contrib agreement with "LinguaPlone" as NAME OF PROGRAM and move it into the SVN where CMFPlone is. 7) (Limi) Trademark committee reorganization and policies. Alex plans to step down and let someone else help out. Alex has a trademark lawyer in mind to run the committee. 8) (Limi) Membership approvals. Discussed previously. 9) (Limi) Packt Publishing royalties. Mark and Alex will handle this. 10) (Norm) Plone IP turnover. Joel has signature authority. 11) (Limi) Hosting situation. People hosting python.org have volunteered to host and sysadmin. Next Meeting Mark suggested another board call before Vienna. Action Items 1) (Joel) Make a list of active approved members. 2) (Paul) Ensure we can claim trademark victory in Vienna. 3) (Joel) Add a "renew" transition.