Minutes, June 23 2005

Roll Call Attending: Joel, Geoff, Marcel, Alan, Robert, Jodok, Christian Not attending: Norm, Limi (checked in briefly on IRC) Observing: Mark, Paul Minutes Roll call Approved minutes from last meeting. Geoff moved to approve, Alan seconded. All in favor. Approved meeting agenda. Joel moved to approve, Marcel seconded. All in favor. Officer Reports President Joel has moved to SF, now settled. Goal is to work with Paul over next month on OSCON launch. Joel will coordinate booth set-up, will work to get sponsorship to pay for banners, booth materials. Cygnex, Zeomega (and Enfold?) have offered some money. Vice President No report. Treasurer Joel: Cygnex considering donating profits from training to foundation; need to work out details. Secretary No report. Committee Reports Membership Committee Mark has resigned committee. Joel will appoint another person and he and Geoff will clear backlog. IP Committee Contributor agreement and assignment document all appear to be good. Paul has taken them to Europython for signatures. Kapil has printouts of files people have touched; we need these docs for Europython. Joel will follow up with Kapil about this. Relicensing clause now in contributor agreement; need to make sure people are aware of this. Paul has sent around email to contributor list about explicit relicensing to see what people's reactions are. So far nobody objects. Joel has talked to a few people who have been outspoken about relicensing in the past and they seem OK about the current agreement. Trademark Committee Alan: we are in last stages with USPTO for Plone trademark in US; Plone template is being modified to point out that Plone is copyrighted and trademarked. TM being incorporated in Plone logo. Status of European trademark still unknown (waiting for Xavier). Marketing Committee Paul: 2.1 scheduled release = OSCON. Booth registered for OSCON, Joel is handling getting $ for Plone booth decorations: 2-3 easily transportable items. Banners, signs, V-rack, etc. Goal is to have materials for use at multiple conferences. Alan offered contacts for good production company. Kapil, Michel, Joel, Paul at OSCON. Paul working with Porter Novelli about Plone marketing. PN is moving slowly; need regular prodding. Marcel has offered list of press people for OSCON that CA would use for open source projects. Alan has set up time slot at New Orleans meeting to talk about marketing. Paul may attend (probability is low). People will bring marketing collateral; goal will be to set up place for materials online. Lots of interesting people. MBA professor from Rice, several CEOs, IP lawyer. Would be good to get Porter-Novelli person there. Joel: PN has New Orleans office, but those people aren't the key people on Plone matters. Old Business 1) (Mark) Set up time to approve memberships. MOVED TO ACTION ITEMS. 2) (Geoff) Find out what we are supposed to do with our minutes. Do we have to file them somewhere? MOVED TO ACTION ITEMS. 3) (Geoff) Generate attendance stats. DONE Joel and Alan suggest we move to a regular monthly meeting instead of bi-weekly. 4) (Alan) Put together Word document, Open Office document with letterhead and address. MOVED TO ACTION ITEMS. 5) (Geoff) Put Enfold's address on Foundation page. DONE 6) (Geoff) Get list of names and addresses of foundation members to Robert. DONE 7) (Geoff) Send out item on list to find out when good meeting times are. DONE New Business 1) Email sent to Paul: "We have made a small installation of Plone for a portal site. Please advise about a suggested donation to the Foundation. Please also tell me where we should send the donation." 2) Discuss board attendance. 3) Brainstorming for keynote speaker for Plone Conference. 4) State of CA relationship. CA is consolidating product lines; Plone-related products have been cut. Joel will ask around about getting a quote we can use if needed. CA has offered to sign over to us the rights for IP that CA created. Joel has started paperwork process; it could take a few months. Action Items 1) (Alan/Mark) Get bank routing information to Packt publishing 2) (Alan/Mark) Reimburse Alan, Joel for expenses 3) (Joel) Get script to generate who-touched-which-files list from Kapil 4) (Alan) Find out status of European trademark 5) (Joel/Paul) Find out size of booth 6) (Joel) Send email to membership inviting people to OSCON for release party, put up something on plone.org 7) (Joel) Call and prod Porter Novelli for OSCON 8) (Marcel/Paul) Coordinate on press list for OSCON 9) (Joel/Geoff) Set up time to approve memberships. 10) (Geoff) Find out what we are supposed to do with our minutes. Do we have to file them somewhere? 11) (Joel) Find out which day is best for a monthly meeting. 12) (Alan) Put together Word document, Open Office document with letterhead and address. 13) (Geoff) Write a "How can I donate to/give back to Plone Foundation?" document for plone.org. Get PayPal info from Mark. Joel has detailed info on Plone + PayPal. 14) (Alan) Send Plone source code to copyright office once assignment has been completed. Next Meeting TBD. Joel will send out an email about next meeting dates.