Minutes, May 26 2005

Roll Call Attending: Christian, Jodok, Robert, Geoff, Norm, Alan, Mark (for Joel) Not attending: Limi, Marcel Minutes Roll call Approved minutes from last meeting. Officer Reports President No report. Vice President No report. Treasurer Geoff and Alan checks to be sent out today, totalling $1,500. Secretary No report. Committee Reports Membership Committee * Set up time next week to approve memberships. IP Committee Contributor agreements have gone through FSF legal people. All comments have been incorporated. Comments have been solicited for assignment document. Dan got last set of revisions early this week. Will have final versions back next week. Should be posted on site in time for people to sign up before Plone Symposium. Trademark Committee Trademark in US is being approved and is waiting for feedback. Law firm has to send one last document to trademark office. Alan suggests that we copyright code. Marketing Committee plone.net needs volunteers. Paul has finished software, site should be ready to go into production. Has some process lined up for importing content from Open Office spreadsheets, wants to export to XML for processing via XSLT. Old Business 1) (Mark) Send PACKT wiring info. (should be done today) 2) (Geoff) Put fax number on foundation page. (done) 3) (Mark) Send Geoff/Joel membership applications and schedule a meeting. (should be done next week) 4) (Jodok) Contributor stats. Preliminary stats at http://stats.solution2u.net/svn/plone/CMFPlone/ Some check-ins are missing because script won't parse. 5) (Alex) Talk to George about domains. (not here) 6) (Paul) Ask Robert for the final dates on PloneCon. September 19-21. 7) (Geoff) Form a proposal for handling board members that don't participate. (see new business item) 8) (Alan) Ping Fabiano about conference. Fabiano can't do conference. No word on India. 9) (Alex) Have the trademark committee make a conference policy. (not here) Some text has been added to plone.org that talks about regional conferences, but no trademar committee policy. New Business Alan moves that we adopt a standing resolution to evaluate board attendance every 3 months, with an evaluation occuring at the next meeting. Geoff seconds. Robert: yes Jodok: yes Christian: yes Norm: yes Alan: yes Mark (for Joel): yes Geoff: yes Fix date for physical board meeting due the conference. Robert suggests Sunday before the conference. Last year we decided that we will have an annual meeting of the board members due the conference. Now the conference date is fix, so we should fix the meeting date also. Next meeting: Tentatively June 9 (may need to reschedule because Christian can't make it) Action Items 1) (Mark) Set up time to approve memberships. 2) (Geoff) Find out what we are supposed to do with our minutes. Do we have to file them somewhere? 3) (Geoff) Generate attendance stats. 4) (Alan) Put together Word document, Open Office document with letterhead and address. 5) (Geoff) Put Enfold's address on Foundation page. 6) (Geoff) Get list of names and addresses of foundation members to Robert. 7) (Geoff) Send out item on list to find out when good meeting times are.