Minutes, May 12 2005

Roll Call Attending: Alan, Geoff, Jodok, Alex, Norm, Mark (proxy for Joel) Non-attending: Christian (pre-announced), Robert, Marcel, Joel Observing: Paul Minutes Roll call Approved minutes from last meeting. Officer Reports President Vice President No report. Treasurer PACKT Publishing from UK is sharing royalties on Cameron's book with the PF. Approx $900. Geoff submitted expenses and Alan too, totalling $1,500. Secretary No report. Committee Reports Membership Committee Whole bunch of memberships to be approved. Committee isn't really operative. Mark will get with Joel and Geoff to review. IP Committee Paul gave a status report on the agreement and signatures. Discussion of fax option. We voted on whether to give commit privs by fax (w/ a followup hard copy). Vote: Alan +1, Geoff +1, Jodok +1, Norm +1, Mark +1, Alex +1 Alex gave a review of the release plan schedule for 2.1. The goal is to get signed agreements before the final 2.1 release. Trademark Committee Alan fixed plone.org so that country domains redirect correctly. Jodok was in contact with plone.de. Alex will get with George about domain consolidation. Marketing Committee Paul gave a status report on marketing activities. Old Business None New Business 1) (Joel) Conference. Jodok asked to get the dates set. 2) (Joel) Mini-conferences. We'll need to explain to people not to call their conferences a Plone conference. 3) (Joel) Contributor agreement. Status report given. 4) (Joel) Developer team idea. Discussed 5) (Limi) Press release with SFLC and PF. Paul pinged SFLC and got a response. Try to coordinate with OSCON plans. 6) (Paul) plone.it domain. The owner of the plone.it domain would like to transfer it to the Plone Foundation, but .it domains are required to be handled by a European entity. A motion was proposed: "The PF accepts the request to hold the domain and has asked ZEA to be the receiver, pending an estimate of the cost involved." Vote: Alan +1, Geoff +1, Jodok +1, Norm +1, Alex +1 7) (Norm) CA's announcement. CA has moved in a different direction with BDM, open source, and Plone, meaning that CA will not be doing Plone any longer. Norm and Marcel can still participate in calls and CA could possibly assign code to the PF. Action Items 1) (Mark) Send PACKT wiring info. 2) (Geoff) Put fax number on foundation page. 3) (Mark) Send Geoff/Joel membership applications and schedule a meeting. 4) (Jodok) Contributor stats. 5) (Alex) Talk to George about domains. 6) (Paul) Ask Robert for the final dates on PloneCon. 7) (Geoff) Form a proposal for handling board members that don't participate. 8) (Alan) Ping Fabiano about conference. 9) (Alex) Have the trademark committee make a conference policy.