Minutes, Mar 03 2005

Roll Call Attending: Paul (proxy for Joel), Marcel, Geoff, Jodok, Limi, Norm, Alan Non-attending: Joel (sick), Robert (train), Christian (can't call US) Observing: Mark Minutes Roll call Approve minutes. (Need to approve minutes in next meeting.) Paul called for a vote on the agenda, approved. Officer Reports President No report. Vice President No report. Treasurer Paid ZEA invoice for Paul, successfully transfered. Alan sent invoice for gifts, need Joel to approve. Secretary No report. Committee Reports Membership Committee No new members, no old business. Mailing list is quiet. IP Committee Waiting on Eben on draft contrib docs. There was an unofficial member meeting during snow sprint. People feel comfortable with our approach, the practical vs. pure approach, and Eben. Ben made some very good points too. Trademark Committee Sent out the request to get people on board, didn't get any response. Sent out an update to trademark usage doc. "If you are using the Plone logo in connection with your fair use rights, you may not change the logo in any significant way. Changing the color, aspect ratio or shape/form of the logo should be avoided, as should integrating the logo in other structures that will distort the logo." "Use of items that looks like the Plone logo to illustrate a point (eg. circular cookies with three dots on them, for instance) is generally allowed as long as it is not portrayed as a logo." "If in doubt, contact the trademark committee about your logo usage." Marketing Committee No report. (Topic of new business.) Fundraising Committee Mark, Norm, and Marcel had a meeting. Get permission from board to have a PayPal donation for getting funding. Old Business 1) (Geoff) Get proposal from Paul. Completed. New Business 1) Marketing proposal from Paul. Discussion of the proposal, what materials are needed. Most said they had looked at it. Geoff opened floor to discussion. Marcel commented on Mark's point on sales material, not necessary for driving the PN relationship. Mark asked for the list of what PN will and won't be doing. Will they do design layouts, or just high-level vision? Discussion of the scope of Paul's proposal, near-term vs. long-term proposal. Alan wanted to ensure that we know what are the deliverables, specifically, that we're going to get what's needed to feed PN. Marcel: +1, Geoff: +1, Jodok: +1, Limi: +1, Norm: +1, Alan: +1, Mark: +1 Action Items 1) (Limi) Re-send minutes for previous meeting. (Completed) 2) (Joel) Approve Alan's invoice for gifts. 3) (Joel/Paul) Send PN/LW expenses. (Paul Completed) 4) (Alex/Paul) Send to board final Trademark Usage policy for a vote on next meeting's agenda. (Completed) 5) (Paul) Need to vote on who is legal counsel. Put on next agenda. (Completed) 6) (Mark) Send notes from the fundraising committee meeting and details on the proposal for PayPal on plone.org for fundraising targets. 7) (Marcel) Make sure permanent call-in numbers are available for next call. 8) (Paul) Put "approve previous minutes" on next agenda.(Completed)