Minutes, Feb 17 2005

Board meeeting Approve the past minutes: Marcel/Norm Approved Approve agenda: Joel/Norm President: Joel spoke about marketing meeting and IP stuff, meeting with Eben Eben Moglen has offered to be our lawyer for free Next board call there will be a motion to approve this, discussion will be on the mailing list Vice president: Nothing to add Marketing committee: One new membership application, Joel and Mark to meet up to fix membership workflow More reports from the marketing meeting, main message "Plone is growing up" Joel spoke about the need to have a stand on differences conferences around the world. We should set up a budget to spend on this, if we don't - we will be afraid to use the money to do it. Porter Novelli can do the graphic design for the brochures. Motion to set off a budget for this, get Paul to figure out how much we need to have a good presence. IP committee: Not present, we talked a bit about Eben and the FSLC role in this. Trademark committee: Alex has mailed the membership list about getting people to staff the trademark committee New business: Joel spoke about the conference selection Discussion about the publishing of press releases on plone.org