Minutes, Jan 20 2005

Roll Call Attending: Joel, Geoff, Jodok, Christian, Alan, Norm, Marcel Non-attending: Alan, Robert. Observing: Paul, Mark Minutes Joel moved to approve the minutes from Dec 16. Motion accepted and passed. Joel moved to approve the agenda for this meeting. Seconded by Geoff. Motion accepted and passed. Officer Reports President Worked on Porter Novelli meeting and conservancy. Traveling a lot in February. Vice President Ditto. Treasurer Mark reported that status of payments and also PayPal account. Can be used for fundraising efforts and other things. Does cost money, but least hassle. Balance is around 79,030. Secretary No report. Committee Reports Membership Committee Mark, Geoff, Alex, Joel, and Paul discussed the backlog of applications. IP Committee No report. Trademark Committee Two people have asked for use of the Plone names. Alex discussed the issue of recusing himself for his case. Marketing Committee Talked about below. Fundraising Committee No report. Old Business 1) Mark will get names up this week on membership. The small group will act as the membership committee and send out notices. The board doesn't need to intervene. 2) Alan will post proposal to IP committee for not doing printouts. We decided to close this action item. 3) Paul will send mails on two issues to IP committee. Done. 4) Limi will mail Paul the contact info for pinging LinuxWorld. Done. 5) Limi will get some numbers for Freenode. Done. 6) Jodok will ping Justin and Kapil about Subversion timeouts. Mail to admin list was delayed until today. Decided to switch to Kapil's tool to avoid timeouts. Now need a fresh repo update. 7) Paul will update the board page w/ correct date/time. Done. New Business 1) (Paul) Finalize bylaw changes and vote on new bylaws. Joel took a roll call vote to make sure the three bylaw changes (CA reserved seat, PN advisory seat, and 10 day notice to one day). Unanimously approved. Jodok, Christian, Joel, Alex, Norm, Geoff. 2) (Joel) Plone Conference 2005. Joel suggested that we need to state the PF's role, to avoid wrong expectations. Mark and Alex suggested our role is to arbitrate. Geoff suggested we put out an RFP. 3) (Joel) Brief on PN meeting plans for Plone marketing. Covered in mail. Brief discussion about synchronizing with Plone 2.1 release. 4) (Joel) Travel expenses for Paul to PN/LW meeting. Joel motioned for approval of $1700 for expenses for Paul, Geoff, and Limi travel, to be divided among them as needed. This was passed as a motion. 5) (Joel) Conservancy. We're at a point where we need to provide Paul and Alan with some input about how we can move forward. Paul discussed the current balance of protection vs. practicality, and concerns that we are building something too heavy to adminster. There was consensus around moving back toward the FSF approach, for example regarding grantback. Alex talked about GPL vs. LGPL. 6) (Jodok) Snow sprint sponsoring. Discussion about avoiding the raising of rates to sprinters, who decides what goes on the plone.org home page, etc. Alex proposed a motion that the PF has the authority for what goes on plone.org for advertising, Norm seconded. No opposition to cignex and snow sprint, this motion passed. Action Items 1) Paul will update bylaws. 2) Paul will put up a news item about Plone Con 2005, who is interested in hosting. Limi will help. 3) Paul will get conservancy moving by a post to the membership mailing list. 4) Jodok will follow up on how the PF can manage website advertising.