Geir Bækholt

Geir Bækholt — Managing director of international consultancy Plone Solutions, also known as baekholt in in irc (prev. elvix)

Geir Bækholt

  • I have been a Plone contributor in some form since the start of the project five years ago. During that time i have contributed user interface design, CSS, javascripts, bug fixes, core components in Plone itself and add-on-products.
  • Managing director and co-founder of Plone Solutions AS, a Norwegian, but internationally oriented Plone consultancy and development company. My job involves managing a distributed workforce currently spanning 2 continents, 5 countries and 5 timezones. The company has close ties to the Plone community and contributes a fair share to the development of Plone and its surroundings.
  • An all-hands type person who enjoys working with people and organizations as much as writing code. I have a diverse background in marketing, design/art, sociology, film-science and web-applications. I worked 5 years with large scale web-applications in the elecronic entertainment industry before i started doing Plone full-time.
  • In April 2006, Arranged the Archipelago Sprint, gathering 40 developers from around the world, spearheading the development of what became Plone 3.
  • Speaker at all Plone Conferences but the first.
  • Currently collaborating with a regional university college on introducing more Open Source and Plone/Zope development into their master-level-studies.
  • Has a large interest in Open source business models, patents, marketing and licensing. Makes an effort of improving government- and general public awareness on Open Source in Norway.   
  • Even though i probably represent developers and small businesses best, i meet and work with a lot of people in universities, government organizations, NGOs and larger companies, – and get to share their challenges and experiences with Plone, both on a technical and on an organizational level.
  • Author/founder of the 10% Plone Manifesto
  • Proud to be actively serving on the Plone Foundation Board now (2006-07) and would be proud to provide continuity into the next term as well.


My plans for the foundation in the next term, should i be trusted to keep serving on the board.

  • Find ways for the Foundation to earn money so it can influence its surrounding more.
    Continue pushing plone.NET forwards, our core sport for showing what plone can do and our shared business storefront.
    Protect the Plone license model and the GPL
  • Work to improve processes and planning for an even more predictable and even better release process — and more funded release management work.
    (Congrats to the release manager and current framework team and all developers involved in the Plone 3 release. It totally rocks. — But the fact that we rock doesn't mean we still cannot get better.)
  • Find a way to manage collaboratively funded projects (like bounties)

Seconded by

Paul Everitt and Alexander Limi