Darci Hanning

Technology Development Consultant of the Oregon State Library where I assist small and rural public libraries in creating dynamic and useful Plone-based websites ("Plinkit") for themselves and for their patrons. I'm also known as "darcilicious" (previously "geeklibrarian") on IRC.

My Contributions to the community and relevant experience:

My involvement with the Plone community over the past two years has grown at a steady rate. In addition presenting at Plone conferences and local user groups, I have:

  • Attended the Virtual Documentation Sprint (Feb 2006),
  • Assisted with the planning of and attended the DocComm Sprint (June 2007),
  • Provided assistance on IRC,
  • Co-founded and continue to organize the Portland Plone User's group
  • Been an active, consistent member of the Documentation Team by writing individual documents, assisting with the online user's manual,  and providing input to the PHC re-design
  • Actively tested and reported bugs for the Plone 3.0 release

Additionally, I have been providing leadership (both organizational and technical) to the Plinkit Collaborative, a multi-state partnership responsible for deploying Plinkit in four states and for strategic planning and marketing of Plinkit.

My interests in serving on the board include:

  • Helping the board to define goals and setting realistic objectives and actively contributing towards those goals and objectives
  • Continue organizing the documentation tasks related to plone.org, with a particular focus on releasing/updating documentation to coincide with major Plone releases
  • Assisting in any improvement processes around the planning and release activities for Plone

Nomination seconded by: Hanno Schlichting, Joel Burton, and Paul Everitt