Sasha Vinčić

Make the community stronger and bigger while we push Plone forward with Zope 3 technologies.

Who am I Sasha Vinčić a developer and businessman from Lovely Systems. I have been involved in the community since first snow sprint. Mostly silently and doing some commits but doing more development and Plone spreading to customers in the north (Sweden and Denmark). I have been doing Plone since it was available and today I am doing alot of zope3 development for Plone. Why am I interested As a developer and business man I live of what Plone gives. I have figured out that it gives more if I give back so it's time to give back so Plone can give more. There is heavy development with Zope3 and most of the development is around Plone. As a developer I am very interested in pushing Plone forward and be part of the roadmap for Plone's development. My strength here is that I have very good overview of what is happening in the communitty and around it when it comes to products and their development. I know little about alot :) Of course as part of Lovely Systems I will continue to work for our snow sprints in the Alps! Don't miss the next one. As a person I can add a social aspect of making the community stronger and bigger while we utilize new technologies as Zope3. What I think I can add to the Plone Foundation As a boardmember I want to encurrage and motivate community and members to realize our goal and vision :) Second by Jodok Batlogg