Richard Amerman

Owner of 7 Tech NW, Plone developer and trainer

I have been watching and participating in the Plone community for most of the past 5 years. During that time I have had varying levels of involvement, mostly do to a day job that was more focused on .NET then Plone. That has now changed and I am running my own Plone technology company full time. I am now committed to a much higher level of involvement including sprints, the conference and other events. I am helping with a few different Plone products and intend to both contribute to existing products and and contribute new ones. I have been a speaker at various events over the year including the first Plone conference, the Vancouver Python Conference, and other events around the US and Canada. I will be speaking at the upcoming Plone conference in Seattle. I can't say I have any specific goals for the foundation other than seeing how we can improve the profile of Plone in a way that is health to both Plone itself and the Plone community. I am an addict of the idealism that is rampant in the Plone community and want to see that continue to thrive and infect the Plone development process. I also want to see that idealism shaped and tempered by a practical understanding of what the existing user base and the world at large needs from Plone. Seconded by -- Joel Burton