Jean-Paul Ladage

As a developer Jean-Paul Ladage has been contributing actively for the past four year and as a manager he has proven to attract interesting enterprise level customers. If you want Plone to grow to a real ECM solution vote for him!

Jean-Paul Ladage has been actively involved in the Plone community for the past 4 years. Sprints,  Conferences and IRC You'll find him (jladage). He wants to contribute more time to the marketing of Plone and focusing on Enterprise Content Managent. Read more about him on


  • Assisted on a series of add-on products: eXtremeManagement, CompositePack, PasswordResetTool, RealEstateBroker (needs work)
  • Dutch translations of Plone and a lot of add-on products.
  • Attending lots of european sprints.
  • Attending all Plone conferences and spoke on last one, unfortunately not this year
  • Focus on intranet solutions for entreprises

Seconded by Rocky Burt