Jan Murre

Consultant an co-owner of Pareto, the Netherlands.

Who I am

I am having a bit of a different background, coming from a large consulting company doing mainly Microsoft and Java development. About five years ago I joined Pareto, becoming one of the owners. I discovered Open Source in general and Zope/Plone in particular and started to explore. After some time I was convinced that the quality of Zope and Plone was really great and started to use it for client projects. In the end this has resulted in a nice and vibrant Plone group with Pareto (about 6 people). I was particularly happy with the fast growth and maturation of Plone. Having a Plone Foundation is one of the signs of this maturation, so now I want to contribute my 2 cents, because I really believe in the quality and I really like the community.

What I can add

I am not really a core developer, although I (and Pareto as a whole) are starting to be more active. Because of my background in the consulting industry and because my company is a little 'different' (mixed skillset: Microsoft Gold Partner, Adobe Partner, Plone, dedicated project management) and somewhat bigger (about 40 people) I think I can add some valuable expertise to the Plone Foundation Board.

Seconded By

Paul Everitt