Fabio Rizzo Matos

Plone Developer and Trainer

I have been working with Plone for a few years, teaching people to use and develop Plone, to prove for most companys and governments that Plone is good for yours bussiness.

At this moment, i have an Plone site, called www.fabiorizzo.com, where i put many articles (In portuguese) to help all that people who need learn Plone. I have a company too, ThreePointsWeb, that work exclusive in Python, Zope e Plone, given trainnings, develop solutions for many governments places.

I am friend of Dorneles Tremea (a.k.a, deo) , that he knows sufficiently of my work with the community and the development of the Plone in Brazil

I Belive that i can help the PloneFundation spread you power and energy across the sea, in South América, improving your contact and creating and helping events in this region. Actually, the brazilian government will use Plone for all government sites, but, miss one big responsible for the Plone, job that Plone Fundation Does.

My company can sponsor the Plone Foundation in Brazil, and help to realize it! To give more Protection and confidence to Plone in Brazil.

Thanks for the oportunity.

Fabio Rizzo