David Siedband

Environmental consultant using Plone to help NGOs collaborate and share information

I'm dedicated to advancing the uptake of Plone by NGOs and government agencies. NGOs often operate in ways that are very compatible with the community development model of Plone.  There is tremendous potential for these groups to organize their efforts in a way where their work benefits one another as well as the Plone community.  I am working to organize an Environmental Plone Working Group, which I hope will be a blueprint and catalyst  for other special interest groups forming in our larger community.  I think it's imporant that Plone's marketing messages resonate with NGO decision makers and I would work as a board member to ensure that they do.

I'm also particularly interested in improving the resources available to people who want to promote Plone.  For example, I think it should be easier for local volunteers to represent Plone at conferences and symposia.  I think we could have more available in terms of print-ready materials and guidelines for representing Plone.  This work is part of what I would like to contribute as a board member.

I've contributed bug-fixes and unit tests to Plone, organized the Plone booth at LinuxWorld 2006, and I try to be available to help others on #plone as much as my schedule permits.  More than anything I'm ready to jump in and help this community in any way that I can.  You can find me as 'siebo' on #plone if you have any questions.  Thanks.

Seconded by

Joel Burton