Darci Hanning

Technology Development Counsultant of the Oregon State Library. Assisting small and rural public libraries in creating dynamic and useful Plone-based websites for themselves and for their patrons. She's also known as "geeklibrarian" on IRC.

I am currently the Oregon Plinkit Project Coordinator -- Plinkit (Public Library INterface KIT) is a project where we jumpstart public library websites by hosting (for free) a Plone-based solution that comes pre-loaded with useful content. This allows library staff of small and medium-sized libraries to have a dynamic website,  giving patrons access to information and electronic services available from their library where otherwise this opportunity would not exist. With Plone, library staff are able to easily maintain existing content as well create new content pertinent to their library services.

In the future, we will incorporate a number of additional Plone Products to expand the functionality of Plinkit while providing library staff with ongoing training on how to use these selected Products in their library environment.

I am currently serving on the Plinkit Collaborative Steering Committee  as non-voting member to assist other organizations that want to deploy Plinkit in their state for their public libraries as well. Currently the members of the Plinkit Collaborative include the Texas State Library (with over 500 public libraries in need of websites), the Colorado State Library, and the Illinois Alliance Library System.

Despite having only been involved with Plone for just under a year, I have become an active and contributing member to the Plone community. Last February, I participated in the Virtual Document Sprint and in May, I co-founded the Portland Plone User's Group. I have become a Plone advocate among the library community and can often be found on #plone (as geeklibrarian) providing assistance to those new to Plone.

I believe that I have a lot to offer the Plone Foundation and would be grateful to have the opportunity to serve on the Board.

Seconded by Joel Burton.