Alexander Limi

Nominate Alexander Limi, Plone co-founder and User Interface designer at Google Inc. for the Plone Foundation board in 2007.

I'd like to be considered for the Plone Foundation board, continuing my tradition as a board member from the previous 2 years. I have been part of the board since its inception, and I do believe that it's important with continued involvement from one of the Plone founders.

Our most important challenge going forward is the marketing side of Plone, in my opinion — making sure we're present at conferences, making sure becomes a success when it's launched in early 2007, making sure we have a good marketing infrastructure to talk to the press and supply material to our Plone companies.

In practical terms, two things are very important to me:

  • Make sure Plone.NET (the provider listing and case study / marketing site) is a success, and create a revenue stream for the Foundation
  • Create more visibility about what the Foundation is doing (the information is all up there, but not very well organized at the moment)

Seconded by

Martin Aspeli