Aaron VanDerlip

A programmer who develops Plone sites for small environmental, social justice and community-based organizations.

I am currently a programmer with netCorps (netcorps.org). netCorps is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Eugene, Oregon USA that uses technology to assist environmental, social justice and community-based organizations. I have been deploying Plone based solutions for our clients since 2004. In addition I have contributed two products to the collective, SimpleCartItem and SignupSheet and have contributed tests and bug fixes to other collective products. Time and skill permitting, I have assisted individuals, usually beginners, on #plone with their questions.

I championed the decision to use Plone for our clients based on the superior usability for the non-technically inclined staff that is typical of non-profits. The second reason was the support of the larger community that allowed our own staff to multiply our energies by using Plone as solution.

My goals for the board would in part, be a reflection of the needs of the community that I currently serve. Specifically I would work to ensure that end user usability and web standards and accessibility compliance continue to be a strong focus of Plone. Secondly, I feel that the current developer pool is at a less than ideal size, and would like to assist in finding ways to bring new talent to the Plone community.


Aaron VanDerlip

Second: Joel Burton