World Plone Day

A worldwide event to promote and educate the public about the benefits of using Plone

What is the goal of the World Plone Day ?

The World Plone Day (WPD) is a worldwide event. Our goal is to promote and educate the worldwide public about the benefits of using Plone.

Who organizes World Plone Day ?

  • The Plone Comunications Team
  • The Plone Community
  • And you :D  

How do I join World Plone Day?

You can join the WPD as an attendee or host. An attendee is someone who assist to a WPD event. A host is someone who organizes a local instance of the WPD.

Where is the list of host and cities whose held WPD ?

  • the official and public list of this year events is here: WPD Events

So... Which is the WPD worldwide official

but, Why are there local sites ?

We believe is a good idea to use as a main place to collect all the information for the global event. Every host should add an event in Hosts page so we will be able to have a complete list of the hosts and its logistics details. But if any host needs or wants to do a new website for its local event we believe it is not a bad idea.