Volto Team

The team responsible for Volto features, roadmap, UI/UX and releases.

Volto is the React based frontend for Plone 6.

Who's on the team

  • Víctor Fernández de Alba
  • Timo Stollenwerk
  • Rob Gietema
  • Tiberiu Ichim
  • Alin Voinea
  • Andrea Cecchi
  • Piero Nicolli
  • Nicola Zambello
  • Giulia Ghisini
  • Katja Süss
  • Jakob Kahl
  • David Ichim
  • David Glick

see GitHub for a complete and up to date list


The mission of the team is to:

  • take care of the upcoming Volto core features and discuss its implementation,
  • triage the issues and curate the Pull Requests (PRs) in Volto GitHub repository,
  • curate and maintain the Volto roadmap,
  • take care of the release management process, adhering to the semantic versioning,
  • decide UX and UI issues, discuss problems and find solutions for them.

How to contact the team

You can reach the team by

How the team activities are organized

The team meets every other week. The meeting is open to anybody that is interested. Ask at any chat for details!

Volto Early Adopters meeting

The Volto team also organizes a public, open to attend a meeting once per month, mainly addressed to people (and companies) interested in adopting Volto for their immediate or current projects.  During this meeting, doubts, questions, problems, and issues are put on the table and discussed. The current state of the art is explained and the roadmap is revised too. It's a public space where people can expose the projects they are working on and the problems they had to face and how they addressed it if they find it useful and worth sharing. Also, people share their insights and opensource contributions (e.g plugins) or upcoming PRs, and new feature requests.

How to become part of the team

If you are a Volto enthusiast, are you developing projects and you want to actively contribute to it, let us know.