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The University of Bologna is the oldest in the western world and today it promotes a path to innovation offering a wide range of educational programs, international and post-graduate degree courses. We use different installations of Plone in different contexts. For example, we manage all the degree program and department sites, the main portal, the magazine, the libraries and museums websites. We also manage two "self-service" websites creation platforms, for event-centric websites and for general purpose websites where any employee can ask his manager to approve the creation of such a site. Editing in this kind of site does not require any training.

The sites are beautiful, functional and very effective in terms of communication. [University general manager]


  • Easy editing of 600+ courses sites
  • Security
  • Accessibility
  • Mobile friendly
  • Open Source
  • Editor login through University single sign on 
  • Different permissions for central power editors and degree program editors
  • Centralize for power editors the management of some tiles in a subsets of degree program
  • Integrate with external data sources for timetables, exams and other course-specific data
  • Different colours based on department official colour
  • Migrate data from old SharePoint
  • Redirct old SharePoint URLs to new Plone ones



Per year


With 4000 editors


With 2000 subsites

The site has been developed by the university internal development team that already had Plone knowhow from quite a few previous projects. We used Plone 5 and developed code based on to let the editor compose the page with fixed slots and different addable tiles based on the page. We used transmogrifier for the migration and to redirect old pages on the new ones.

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Visit the list of degree programs for the current year grouped by department on the University portal (also Plone):