A re-imagined asynchronous back end compatible with Plone's RestAPI, combining the best ideas from Plone, Zope, Pyramid, and Django.

Inspired by the Best

Guillotina is a modern, asynchronous back end designed for building high-performance, horizontally scaling JavaScript applications. It was built on the lessons learned from these great open source projects.

  • Plone and Zope’s hierarchical data model and security model
  • Pyramid’s decorator-based auto-discovery application configuration syntax
  • Django’s global application settings style syntax
  • Zope’s component architecture for building robustly customizable applications
  • JSON Schema

Guillotina is a Rest Data API framework. It is ideal for integrating with modern JavaScript applications.

Why Use Guillotina?

Guillotina has all the features you'd expect from a modern back end.

  • Superior performance with AsyncIO
  • Ideal for websockets and microservice architectures
  • Designed to make your JavaScript engineers happy
  • Adapts to any content type payload
  • Hierarchical object model maps to URLs and can manage a very large number of objects
  • Granular, multidimensional security system

Try It!

You can get started by building a single page Guillotina app.

Front-end teams will love to work with Guillotina. Users will love the performance.