TheVirtual Limited

Location Christchurch, NZL
Sponsor since 2017

TheVirtual specialise in building feature rich websites, intranets and web applications. We are a small agile team who go out of our way to see that our clients projects are successful.

Our services are based on the belief of doing things properly. We manage our own top-of-the line hardware and play an active role in ensuring our clients sites are available at all times, with constant real time monitoring.

Plone web development and hosting specialists

We build websites. These can range widely in complexity and purpose yet have one thing in common, they're built with Plone, the ultimate open source CMS.

We thrive on a challenge, and are quite at home dealing with the complexities of running servers, writing code, and managing technical projects. While this can sound intimidating, you can rest assured that we look after the technical side of things so you don't have to!

Services Include:
• Plone CMS Website creation
• Bespoke web application development
• Secure Web Hosting
• 24/7 Monitoring & Logging
• Backups, backup backups and more backups!
• Integration of other products with Plone
• Domain name administration
• Plone Training
• Consulting services

Website Development since 1999

We spent the 90's working on everything from micro-controllers to mainframes - we provided extensive consultancy to government departments, migrated complex databases, and were involved in several ahead of their time, invention-driven, projects. During this period we kept encountering people who had more complex requirements than their websites couple provide.

There was a need for a web platform that provided content management functionality along with supporting the development of complex back-end web solutions. Eventually we came across Zope, and then as the global community pushed ahead and created Plone we ended up utilising the CMS from its early versions and onwards.

We are firm believers in open source software and use it at every level of our operation.

Where we are based

You can find us in our cosy little office up on the Port Hills in Christchurch, New Zealand. We're really happy to call Christchurch home, and are regularly taken aback by how lucky we are to have such fantastic views out over the city and across the Canterbury Plains to the Southern Alps.

We love working along side people to create websites that extend their businesses and provide ongoing support and development to support new requirements as they come to light. Learn more about our websites, the range of services we provide, or get in touch today!