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Quaive Social Intranet, risk assessment tools and powerful web solutions based on Plone created by passionate teams.

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Consulting, Development, Customization and Support for CMS, Portal, DMS and Workflow Solutions based on Zope and Plone.

Quaive Social Intranet

Internal company communication is often a tightrope walk between providing employees with relevant information on the one hand and the flooding on the other. To remedy this, a social intranet can be a good solution. Quaive offers solutions for the most varied internal communication challenges without being complicated and always in a fresh and efficient design.

We care about making great intranets, because we know, how powerful they can be. The hub of your organisation, where ideas and connections are cultivated and barriers to getting your job done are taken out of the picture. This is what we strive to create. Quaive's "design first" approach makes the difference in user friendliness. The software is constantly being developed and new features added. is one of the main driving forces behind

Risk Assessment

In every company or organisation numerous risks are present, which can endanger the health of its employees. In many countries employers are required by law to provide safe and healthy workplaces. Apart from legal considerations, it also makes sense from an economic perspective to keep employees healthy and motivated. To achieve this, many organisations are already using the instrument of risk assessment. Often considerable effort is put into this process, combined with a large paper trail.

The Online Prevention Kit is an Online interactive Risk Assessment tool for identifying risks and tackle them on the workplace. It consists of two parts: a list with all the risks in your company and a plan on how to deal with them. These two components allow you to limit the risks to your employees, and thereby also the financial risk. The CMS consists of a built-in questionnaire with a list of all potential risks. It is an easy-to-use tool with a clear structure, so that performing a risk assessment is perceived as efficient and comprehensive to execute.

Web solutions based on Plone

We shape the web for a wide variety of businesses and organisations. Our web solutions are simple, intuitive and fast. They put people back into the center and say goodbye to technocratic, feature-overloaded user interfaces. They support the employees in their work and above all in their communication without being hindered or self-interested.

We develop and maintain these solutions and ensure that they also fit in with your processes on a long term basis. We achieve this by combining modern technology and design with a deep understanding of processes in large organizations. Our solutions are designed to last for many years and also take special requirements in care and maintenance into account.