Plone trainings are a great way to expand your skills. Plus they're an excellent way to interact with the authors and trainers.

Teaching is learning.

Ever wish you could take a class on Plone? Yep, we offer those too.

With top-notch trainers and community-driven training documentation, we bring years of experience to our training sessions.

Beginner, intermediate, expert? There is something for everyone.

We love teaching Plone because, in return, we learn from you. Sign up for the next session and you can teach us something too!

There's a lesson to be learned here.

Plone trainings are packed full of information!

Read the community-maintained documentation for the current version of Plone. From basic content creation and management up to site administration, developing your own add-ons and deploying Plone in production, we've got you covered.

Check out pre-recorded training videos on our YouTube channel.

In-Person Training

If you ever have the chance to attend Plone training sessions in-person, we highly recommend it! You'll be amazed at how much fun you can have, what types of skills you can learn, and how easy it all is (sometimes).

Face-to-face classes are super cool because you get to know the instructors, socialize with your classmates, and share your homework! (No used bubblegum under the desks, please!)

Here are some of the trainings that were offered at the 2022 Plone Conference:

Plone Trainers

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of Experience

Plone is the oldest living open-source CMS. Old enough to look in the mirror and admit the mistakes of the past.

of students educated

Once people see Plone in action, everybody wants to know how to do this!

of questions answered

When the possibilities are infinite, people can dream up some pretty wild stuff!