Plone at CMS-Garden on CeBIT 2013

Plone will be a part of the CMS-Garden at the March 2013 CeBIT ICT Tradeshow in Hannover, Germany. Please support Plone on these project and buy a listing and/or advertisement for the Guidebook, see below.

Plone to Exhibit at Gilbane Conference

The 9th annual Gilbane Conference will take place in Boston on November 28th and 29th, and Plone will be among the exhibitors. All Plone consultants, freelancers, enthusiasts and users are invited to participate.

Time to Vote on Talks for the 2012 Plone Conference

The deadline has passed, around sixty talks have been submitted.. Now its time to take a look at the great talks which have been proposed. There are lots of interesting topics - so please, visit the overview and get out your vote. The more likes a talk gets, the more chance that talk will end up in the final schedule.

Plone Conference 2012 Adopts Plone Code of Conduct

The Plone conference in Arnhem will embrace the code of conduct, which was recently adopted by the Plone Foundation board of directors. By doing so, we guarantee a safe and healthy environment for everybody; man, woman, black and white. Our message: have fun, interact but keep it nice.