New Zealand government releases Web Guidelines Plone instance

Plone is gaining ground in New Zealand government circles. A recent announcement from the agency leading the e-government effort “means that other government agencies can use this code to build and manage their websites knowing that they are using best practice accessibility standards.”

RSS feeds are back

The new plone.org makes it easier to create RSS feeds for any Smart Folder and search result, and as a result we have updated our old RSS feeds to a new format.

Call for volunteers

Have you ever wanted to help Plone, but don't have the necessary code skills? Here's your chance to make a difference where it matters.

Objectis.org in Italian

From today on, when opening objectis.org website, you will find the Italian version too, which is going to allow users across the peninsula to get to know in a better way this hosting provider.

Introducing SF Bay Area PloneLounge

PloneLounge is the name of a new Plone User Group being formed in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is hoped that this will develop into a network of regional Lounges happening throughout the world. The first meeting of the San Francisco Area PloneLounge will be Tuesday, Nov 1, 2005.

Five tutorial for Plone Developers now online

I'm happy to announce that a prose version of the Five for PloneDevelopers tutorial is now available through the Appetizers section ofworldcookery.com. The text is based on a 90 minute tutorial I gave atthis year's Plone Conference in Vienna and introduces Five and theZope 3 concepts in five easy steps.

Plone at OSCON 2005

The Plone Foundation has a booth, people, books, buttons, presentations, tutorials, and a super brochure at O'Reilly's OSCON convention on Portland.