World Plone Day 2023 Summary
With 57 videos from 15 countries and over 60 speakers, World Plone Day was celebrated all over the World.

Around the world

The World Plone Day (WPD) is a worldwide 24-hour Plone online event, with the goal to share information and insight about the benefits of using Plone and being part of the Plone community.

During the World Plone Day 2023 the community organized local events in Brazil and Italy, and recorded 57 new videos! As a global community talks were given on people's local language, such as English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Finnish and more.

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Look for topics like:

  • Plone 6 - lots of love for the new Plone version
  • Plone community and Plone Foundation - join the community around the World
  • Use cases - examples of how Plone is used in different scenarios
  • Google Summer of Code 2023 - Plone-related projects
  • Migrations, security, programming - hear why Plone excels under the hood
  • The history of Plone
  • And more!

Here are some chosen topics from the wide variety of talks given during World Plone Day 2023:

Plone Foundation info

The Plone Foundation exists to Promote and Protect Plone. In this video, presented by the Plone Foundation President Érico Andrei, you will know more about the legal entity behind the Plone CMS and the Plone community.

A bit of Plone history by Alex Limi and Luciano Ramalho

Alex Limi and Luciano Ramalho takes us back to the early days of Plone, and why we are still here after more than 20 years!

Releasing Plone 6.0.4

Plone Release Manager Maurits van Rees talks us 'live' through the steps he takes to release new version of the Plone 6 backend stack.

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