The Plone Newsroom Podcast Episode #17

Catch up, three sprints, Plone 6.0.6 and 5.2.13, Tune-Up Day, Foundation News, PloneConf '23 and some fresh add-ons

The Plone Newsroom is a monthly podcast brought to you by Philip Bauer and Fred van Dijk. They cover technical and non-technical topics including Plone, the Plone community, and whatever else they come up with to keep us informed!

Episode #17 on 14 September 2023 saw Philp and Fred return after a 5 month pause. They discussed the three sprints that happened during May and June (Beethoven, Midsummer, Cerrado), recent Plone releases and the releases that are in the works, Foundation news, and a boatload of new add-ons. Go to the Newsroom page to view other episodes.