The Plone Newsroom Podcast Episode #15

World Plone Day edition: Ploneconf '23 website launched, Plone 5.2 and 6 releases, upcoming sprints, strategic tasks for Plone

The Plone Newsroom is a monthly podcast brought to you by Philip Bauer and Fred van Dijk. They cover technical and non-technical topics including Plone, the Plone community, and whatever else they come up with to keep us informed!

Episode #15 on 23 April 2023 was streamed online as part of World Plone Day 2023. Philip and Fred discussed the announcement of one of the Plone Conference keynote speakers, recent release for both Plone 5 and 6, upcoming events (Beethoven Sprint, Midsummer Sprint), and strategic tasks for for Plone. Go to the Newsroom page to view other episodes.