Plone Conference 2023 Talk Schedule and Live Streams
Keynote speakers and talks scheduled

Plone Conference 2023 Talk Schedule and Live Streams

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Plone conference 2023 Talk schedule published!


Keynote highlights.

State of Plone

The beginning of all Plone Conferences where key members of the community explain how the year has gone in terms of development and community.

Keynote will be presented by: Érico Andrei, Maurits van Rees, Victor Fernández de Alba, Timo Stollenwerk and Eric Steele.

Wednesday October 4th.

The effect of social biases in language models

Current language models are trained on huge amounts of texts. The quality and content of such text has a direct effect on the new generations created by the language model. In this talk we will focus on how language models reproduce the biases present in society.

Keynote presented by: Olatz Perez de Viñaspre

Thursday October 5th.

Talk highlights

There will be a lot of interesting talks, like:

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