Plone 6.0.5 released

At the end of May we have another patch release for you of Plone 6.0, with many smaller bug fixes and some enhancements.


After a short soft release period of 5 days the final release of Plone 6.0.5 is now available since May 30th, including (Docker) images. Please check the full release notes from our release manager for all major changes, highlights and a detailed overview per package.

In the plone backend/content server we have a new minor Zope release which fixes serving requests that both have a query string and a Content-Type header or request body. This could impact your set up especially if you use plone.restapi .

Writing of: plone.restapi now has a relations endpoint in preparation of the upcoming Relations Control panel for the Volto Frontend, which is almost finished. The Classic-UI Dexterity control panel now shows behavior names and interfaces. Also for Classic-UI the patterns have received quite some attention to fix Async loading of TinyMCE, improve inserting images, and interaction with Mosaic.

Efforts to clean up our codebase continue with several packages: Fix cyclic dependencies, remove dependencies on so it can be removed. Some packages have been "semver-ed" to a new major version to remove their support for Plone 5.2 and/or Python 2 in that version.

Please check the detailed release notes for Plone 6.0.5 if you want an full list of changes made in all Plone packages.

Download and install Plone 6.0.5

Please go to our download page for more information on how to download Plone. Installation instructions can be found on .

Volto Frontend

The default frontend for new Plone 6 sites is Volto. Latest release of Volto for Plone 6.0.5 is Volto 16.20.7.

Note that Volto is a separate JavaScript frontend for which you need to run a server process with NodeJS. Also, existing Plone sites need some or more extensive changes to be upgraded to use the Volto Frontend, please read the upgrade and migration guides for more information.

Volto was updated from 16.20.4 to 16.20.7 and mainly has bug fixes and small performance improvements. A selection from the Changelog on GitHub:

  • Fix to not update breadcrumbs, navigation, actions, and types when content is fetched as a subrequest and apiExpanders includes these components.
  • Fix bug where editors could not see their own content in the Contents view if it was expired or has a future effective date.
  • Add newest supported languages to Language constants list.
  • Apply suggestion from browser for password field.
  • The tab for the add page was unresponsive on mobile devices. Fixed this by changing flex-wrap property.
  • Documentation updates, backporting some differences from main development branch.

Follow Volto Development with the 17.x alpha versions

The new default Frontend for Plone 6, Volto, is kept stable on the 16.X stable branch for the official Plone 6.0 patch releases. Meanwhile development is happening on the main/master branch for Volto 17. Because the backend content server mostly requires little to no change for frontend improvements and has a different development speed, the versions/releases are decoupled. Volto 16.X mainy receives bug fixes to keep it stable and Volto 17.x receives both those bug fixes and new features.

You can use Volto 17 alpha versions to test and experiment with, using the most current 'stable' Plone 6.0.5 backend (image). Volto 17 alpha 8 was released on May 24th and for example contains the relations control panel, for which the 'backend' support through the plone.restapi modules has been added in Plone 6.0.5, as mentioned earlier in this news item.

While in development, features and fixes often first land in Volto 17 alpha's, and are after some testing if deemed having only a small risk for regressions, backported to Volto 16.x.

Some changes/features that are currently in development and available in Volto 17 alpha's:

  • Add control panel for relations
  • Fix hot module reloading of changes to @plone/volto
  • Add guard in case malformed blocks are present (at least id and title should be present)
  • Add Finnish translations
  • Changed control panel list to be fetched server-side not client-side
  • Generate a split sitemap
  • Fix search block in edit mode re-queries multiple blocks with an empty search text
  • DefaultView (view of fields for content types with blocks disabled): Show field name as tip on hover of label.


Plone and Volto development is a team effort! An impromptu picture taken of some of the participants of the Beethoven Sprint on their way to dinner before the statue of the composer himself in Bonn City centre, May 2023.

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