Plone 6.0.4 released

The fourth patch release of Plone 6 is now available and was published on monday April 24th plone.restapi updates, resource registry cache invalidation, Volto supports themes in add'ons

How a Plone release is made

If you are curious what is done 'behind the scene' to finish the publication of a new Plone version, our Release Manager Maurits van Rees talks us through making this exact 6.0.4 version in a presentation for World Plone Day (WPD). Please check the 2023 WPD playlist for the première of the video somewhere on April 26th.

Test a new Plone release before it is official: Soft Launches

If you want to help out with making our next Plone releases more stable and secure, a quick way is to test the 'soft release' that Maurits makes a few days before publishing the final version. He makes a pre-announcement post for testing on our Discourse Community Forum at .

If you are responsable for or developing/supporting and have local access to a Plone 6 website project, update to the next pre release on your local developer setup or test instance. Do a quick check if the basic features and/or customisations still work as intended and report issues you find if you think they are related to changes in the upcoming release. Thank you!


Plone 6.0.4 continues the effort to clean up our dependencies, imports, linting rules and deprecations. Almost all our core packages for example now use shared code quality rules stored in our meta repository. You don't see this directly in Plone itself but it contributes to the code quality.

Translation updates have been made for es and eu. A very nice addition/bug fix has been made to the add'ons and resource registry control panels for Classic-UI. If you install an add'on or run an upgrade profile, the resource registry cache is now automatically cleared, without needing a server restart. This allows you to install add'ons in live sites with less hassle.

  • plone.restapi:
    • Apply a cache ruleset to the /@querystring-search endpoint.
    • Add UID to relationvalue_converter summary.
    • Add querystring_search GET method.
  • plone.schema:
    • Introduce extras plone.schema[supermodel] and plone.schema[schemaeditor].
    • The package now works in its vanilla installation as an addon for z3c.form, without any other plone dependencies.
  • Classic-UI:
    • Add a last modification time to the resource registry. We update this when changing anything related: when changing the resource registry in its control panel or activating an add-on. This avoids needing a restart before seeing changes when you run in production mod
    • Mockup TinyMCE settings: Fix URLs in TinyMCE external_plugins settings.

Please check the detailed release notes for Plone 6.0.4 if you want an full list of changes made in all Plone packages. Also check the links here to do the upgrade

Download an install Plone 6.0.4

Please go to our download page for more information on how to download Plone. Installation instructions can be found on .

Volto Frontend

The default frontend for new Plone 6 sites is Volto. Latest release of Volto for Plone 6.0.4 is Volto 16.20.4.

Note that Volto is a separate JavaScript frontend for which you need to run a server process with NodeJS. Also, existing Plone sites need some or more extensive changes to be upgraded to use the Volto Frontend, please read the upgrade and migration guides for more information. Selected improvements between Volto 16.18.0 and 16.20.4:

  • This is a big one for DX and code/theme re-use: You can now declare a Theme Add'on in Volto 16. This allows you to re-use a theme in different projects, but also extend themes. Victor Fernandez de Alba, our Volto Release Manager, explains everything in a presentation he made for World Plone Day 2023. (please note the première planned at the end of the day).
  • The sitemap.xml.gz, a feature for search engines to quickly scan and index new content on your website, now supports really large sites. A single sitemap only allows for 50kb file size and 50.000 items. Plone 6 now supports this.
  • Support RelationList field with named StaticCatalogVocabulary and SelectWidget.  #4614
  • DefaultView (view of fields for content types with blocks disabled): Show field name as tip on hover of label. #4598

Please check the full detailed release notes for Volto 16.20.4 and previous releases.

World Plone Day presentation related to this release

How to Declare a Theme Add'on in Volto 16 - Video on Youtube

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