Plone 6.0.3 now available

This is the third patch release for Plone 6.0, released March 27th 2023. Continuing our monthly release schedule for the latest version of Plone, there are many small fixes, improving the quality of our code base and minor functional improvements

You can find detailed release notes in the full release documentation from our release manager.

The Appliation Server Zope that powers Plone has received a minor update to 5.8.1 that fixes Python 3.11 deprecation warnings around the cgi module, and updates binary converters.


Plone 6.0.3. continues the effort to clean up our code base for leftovers of Python 2 and discontinued modules like Archetypes, making our imports clearer around the use of the plone.base package, and improving our testing and CI/CD, without introducing breaking changes. But there are some changes worth it to draw your attention to:

  • More and more packages change their imports to use plone.base
  • For example: In plone.base itself, the interface is moved to plone.base.interfaces.navigationroot and a deprecated import with warning is added to
  • plone.restapi now has a (previously missing) Decimal field serialiser.
  • Plone.staticresources has a new pat-checklist pattern.
  • In Classic UI, the pat-checklist pattern is put to good use in our groupuser management, and fixes userlisting batch/showAll in group membership template
  • More updates to for the pt_BR translations.
  • Some of our core packages have had a major version release to continue cleaning up and improving the functionality for Plone 6.0 and later with breaking changes. The previous version of such a package still stays available for Plone 5.2, for example to fix bugs for that release if they are found.
  • For example, and were 'version bumped' for this reason.

Volto Frontend

The default frontend for new Plone 6 sites is Volto . Latest release of Volto for Plone 6.0.3 is Volto 16.18.0. See the Volto changelog.

Note that Volto is a separate JavaScript frontend for which you need to run a server process with NodeJS. Also, existing Plone sites need some or more extensive changes to be upgrade to use the Volto Frontend, please read the upgrade and migration guides for more information. Selected improvements between Volto 16.11.0 and 16.18.0:

  • The Teaser Block is now part of Volto Core. If you want more information, a screencast and see what is still on the wishlist for this block, scan the Pull Request on GitHub.
  • The development proxy server has been updated. Prefer RAZZLE_INTERNAL_API_PATH as the target of the proxy. The target of the API proxy is now always logged on startup, even in production mode.
    Support proxying to a backend served over https.
  • The paste button disappeared while coping from nested blocks, fixed.
  • Fix history view dropdown for first entry, showing 'Revert to this version option' always
  • Added a default Component to show when the Listing block has no results, and another only for the ImageGallery variation.
  • Many other bugfixes (some of them quite interesting, from the infrastructure point of view, but not directly for users or developer experience )

Check the full release notes of all intermediate Volto releases between 16.11.0 and 16.18.0 on GitHub.

A screenshot of the User Interface when editing the new Teaser Block