Plone 6.0.1 released

This is the first larger 'patch' release after the final Plone 6.0 release in December 2022. For more detailed developer Release notes and updates in the individual packages, please see the Technical Release document written by our Release Manager Maurits van Rees.

This is the first major patch release of Plone 6.0 , although there were 2 smaller 'micro' patches released in December, and which concerned a security update to the underlying Zope application Server. Below follows a summary of noteworthy fixes, changes and caveats, again, for the full release notes do check the technical release document .


Zope was updated to 5.8 to fix a possible security issue with the Content-Type header in every response. Most code paths in Plone would set this header, but if none was set the default is now text/plain . In Plone 6.0.1 various other packages have received fixes for this to avoid regressions. (release had the first few, more were discovered later.)

If your Plone site is using a caching server like Varnish Cache, it is important to check your configuration before you update to Plone 6.0.1 due to the Zope 5.8 update. In very special cases, documented in Zope issue #1089, the CSS styling from your website was no longer loaded, but this happens only after a certain amount of time depending on the TTL settings of your content items in the Caching control panel and if you make use of Etags that trigger 304 not modified requests.

When a (new) User logs in automatically after a password reset or initial invite, some triggers were not processed like on a normal authorised login. For example the 'last login' and 'initial login' time stamps were not updated. So it seemed the new user had never logged in yet if you looked at this fields.

  • TInyMCE configuration missed the autolink plugin option.
  • plone.restapi now translates error messages from the @users endpoint .
  • Translations for FR and pt_BR were added.
  • Also the locales for ES en EU for Classic UI were updated.

Better wording and notifications were added when the Plone 6 backend is loaded with the Volto Frontend configuration profile: Updated the default Plone Classic UI message to inform developers to install, start, and visit the Volto frontend, if desired, with updated links to relevant docs. Also Clarifications were added to the @@migrate_to_volto wizard.

Volto Frontend

The default frontend for new Plone 6 sites is Volto. Latest release is 16.9.0. See the Volto changelog.
Note that this is a JavaScript frontend that you need to run in a separate process with NodeJS. Also, existing Plone sites need some or more extensive changes to be upgrade to use the Volto Frontend, please read the upgrade and migration guides for more information.