Plone Foundation Priorities for 2022

The Plone Foundation Board has set five central priorities for the year

Mikel Larreategi, Ion Lizarazu, Lur Ibargutxi, and Bittor Poza pose before their PloneConf presentation in 2021

The Plone Foundation Board has identified five priorities for focused attention and effort during the coming year :

  • Communication: Addressing all Plone audiences, not only developers
  • Embrace hybrid model for all gatherings, meetups, sprints and the conference
  • Improve and enhance documentation and marketing/positioning of the Plone CMS
  • Nurture new participation and leadership in the community
  • Contributor agreement modernization via the adoption of digital signature

A consensus emerged around the importance of including user communities as much as possible. Plone meetings of every sort benefit when some or all of the participants can be together in a room. So much of this has been lost during the past two years, and we would like to find ways to meet safely using hybrid solutions.

Development of our existing documentation is actively proceeding and one of our goals for the year will be to work through any challenges and then apply the new product to marketing.

Our community is diverse in every direction, and participation from each group adds value to our ultimate product, as well as generates enthusiasm for Plone

We will also work to simplify the Contributor agreement process.