Plone Foundation Welcomes Four New Members

Lucas Aquino, Rafahela Bazzanella, Nilesh Gulia, Jörg Zell join the Foundation.

Lucas, Nilesh, Rafahela, and Jörg

The Plone Foundation welcomes four new members after unanimous confirmation by the Foundation's Board of Directors on September 29, 2022.

Membership in the Foundation is conferred for significant and enduring contributions to the Plone project and community. The Plone Foundation Membership Committee unanimously recommended each applicant for their ongoing contributions to Plone.

Lucas Aquino

Lucas Aquino

Lucas has been a Plone developer since 2006 and currently is working on the Brazilian Electoral Justice organization, developing and maintaining some of the largest Plone implementations in Brazil (29 sites handling millions of user interactions per day when elections are underway). A member of the dynamic PlonGov-Br community, Lucas has provided training sessions about Plone development for Brazilian organizations and assisted with translations of Plone installations to Brazilian Portuguese. He has presented at several conferences and World Plone day events, the latest being World Plone Day 2022 where he spoke about "Plone in the Brazilian Electoral Justice."

Rafahela Bazzanella

Rafahela Bazzanella

Rafahela Bazzanella began working with Plone in 2005. A co-founder of the PloneGov-Br community she has been an important resource for PyConBrasil, World Plone Day Brasilia, Plone Symposium South America, and other meetings and sprints. She has worked on documentation and translations of Zope and Plone into Brasilian Portuguese. Rafahela is a maintainer of Portal Modelo, a Plone distribution serving legislative chambers in Brazil (More than 1,200 active sites as of 2022). She works with Interlegis/ILB/Senado Federal in Sobradinho, Brasil.




Nilesh Gulia

Nilesh Giulia

Nilesh Gulia first became interested in Plone in 2017 when he saw the community "working towards a common goal and taking effective decisions to enhance Plone right from start." This included commitments to a modern frontend ecosystem. He proposed a Google Summer of Code project that was accepted and created a command-line interface for bootstrapping a Volto application from scratch. He continued contributing to the community, participating in various online sprints and presenting his GSoC project at the 2018 Plone Conference in Tokyo. Nilesh did an internship with Kitconcept before graduating from University, and then moved into his first full-time job as a Plone / Volto developer in 2020. He believes "the best way to learn is by teaching others", and thus advances his understanding by helping people who post to the Plone community forum.

Nilesh works with Eau de Web and lives in Dehli, India.


Jörg Zell

Jorg Zelle

Jörg has been doing Plone projects since 2002 and is a familiar face at conferences, sprints, and teams. He has served as a Plone Ambassador to CMS events worldwide and has worked on Plone translations into German. Currently Jörg serves as project lead for the ITONBOARD ERASMUS+ project dedicated to introducing young people to an IT career orientation with a focus on open source software communities, such as Plone. He also has been active on the marketing side of things and created “CMS Comparisions” marketing material for Plone for a third party website.

Jörg works at Interaktiv in Kerpen, Germany.



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