Plone 6.0 Released!
Plone 6 offers modern user experience built on a rock solid foundation.
Plone 6.0 is here!

Plone 6.0 Released!

Plone 6 is the first CMS on the market that combines the power features, best-in-class security, and scalability of an enterprise CMS with a modern, easy-to-use and powerful frontend that uses the latest state-of-the art web technologies.

Plone 6 Comes With

Super fast and easy to use frontend

  • Adaptive layout and modern blocks system
  • Powerful page layout
  • Easy content management with folderish structure
  • No-code content types and custom views
  • Flexible form builder
  • Faceted search made easy
  • Rich add-ons ecosystem

Robust and secure backend

  • Industrial strength security
  • Robust scalability
  • Plone REST API
  • Flexible permission management
  • Content rules, content locking
  • Documentation and support
And all this is backed up by Plone Foundation and the most awesome open source community on the planet!

Try Plone 6

See Plone's features and ease of use for yourself using our demo sites, your cloud server, or on your own device. You can log in with a variety of roles (users, editors, and administrators) and see how Plone presents each type of user with a unique, permissions-aware user interface.

Install Plone 6

Download, install, and run it yourself!

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