Plone 6.0.0a4 Released

The fourth alpha release contains various fixes and improvements.

Download and installation:

The fourth alpha release of Plone 6 contains various fixes and improvements. Read more about the upcoming Plone 6.

Thank you to everyone involved!


Changes since 6.0.0a3:

  • Use zc.buildout 3.0.0rc3 and setuptools 62.0.0 by default.
  • Update waitress to version 2.1.1 to mitigate a vulnerability in that package.
  • Zope 5.5.1: Enhance cookie support.
  • plone.staticresources: The big one: Updated JavaScript for Plone Classic, using ES6 modules. No more through-the-web compiling of JavaScript. See PLIP 3211.
  • Products.CMFPlone:

    • Remove RequireJS.
    • Remove default resource jQuery. It is added to the global namespace via the bundle.
    • Remove support for conditional comments in script and style tags. It's not supported since IE10.
    • Remove dependency on mockup. Mockup is now a npm package only and as such a dependency of plone.staticresources.
    • New resource registry to simplify CSS/JS registration.
    • Only "bundles" are registered - support of "resources" and "bundle resources" is removed.
    • Removed TTW compilation of bundles via r.js and less.js.
    • Property merge_with is no longer needed in HTTP/2 times and merging here unsupported.
    • Unique key for delivery is based on hash of bundle file, last_compilation property is deprecated.
    • PLIP


      Implement modern images scales. Add huge (1600px), great (1200px), larger (1000px), teaser (600px). Amend preview and mini (remove height constraint).

    • Add TinyMCE template plugin to the plugins vocabulary.
    • Add TinyMCE alignment classes, to avoid style usage.
  • plone.volto is now a dependency of the Plone package.
  • PLIP 2780: Move features of collective.dexteritytextindexer to core.

    • Remove JavaScript from this package and move it to Mockup.
    • Modeleditor: Use pat-code-editor from Patternslib instead ACE. Make the model editing form usable without JavaScript. Allow editing the form even with XML errors to be able to fix the problem.
  • plone.recipe.zope2instance: by default do not create a temporary storage.
  • plone.scale: Removed deprecated factory argument from scale method.
  • Track link integrity of referenced PDFs and other site objects in IFRAME SRC references.
  • plone.outputfilters: Resolve UIDs in SRC= attribute of of SOURCE and IFRAME elements.
  • Add lazy attribute to vocabularies to prevent fetching any results.

    • Deactivate copy button and modal in theming control panel.
    • Remove all thememapper functionality from theming control panel, including Inspect/Modify theme and the Preview.
  • Show unfiltered member fields for manager in user profile page.

    • Remove implicit dependency on Mockup. Mockup is no longer a Python package, only an npm package.
    • Update datetime pattern options for Patternslib pat-date-picker/pat-datetime-picker.
  • plone.autoform:

    • Fixes for latest z3c.form.
    • Reimplementation of ObjectSubForm and ISubformFactory, backported from older z3c.form.

    • Use better types for inputs.
    • Use browser native date and datetime-local input together with patternslib date-picker.
    • Implement TimeWidget which renders <input type="time" />.
    • Use pat-validation in forms.
    • Fixed for latest z3c.form
  • plone.z3cform: compatibility with latest z3c.form.
  • plone.namedfile: Register AnnotationStorage as IImageScaleStorage multi adapter, both from plone.scale. Use this adapter in our scaling functions when we store or get an image scale.
  • Products.PlonePAS: Add separate GenericSetup profile to switch the Zope root /acl_usersto use a simple cookie login form. Useful when Zope root login and logout need to synchronize authentication state between multiple plugins, which is not possible with HTTP Basic authentication.

    • Restructure global sections and searchbox markup for mobile navigation as offcanvas sidebar.
    • LiveSearch with support for images in search results.
  • plonetheme.barceloneta: sticky footer.

Note that changes may be mentioned only once, even when they involve multiple packages.

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